roomthirteen & Last Race Home - Friday 27th April

roomthirteen are Brian Mitchell vocals and acoustic guitar, Andy Goddard vocals and keyboards, Gary Hulston guitar, Keith Darbyshire bass guitar and Mark Fitton on drums.
The band were originally formed in 2003 as a three piece, with Brian Mitchell and John Done on guitar/ vocals joined by Phil Stock on mandolin/slide guitar.
With limited success and feeling the need to produce a bigger and fuller sound, Phil Stock was replaced by former Crispy Ambulance bassist, Keith Darbyshire former Candidates keyboard player, Andy Goddard and Craig Winston  on drums.
In 2009, the band released the critically acclaimed, "easterlin paradox" , which received glowing reviews far and wide, and tracks from the album have been aired on Radio 2, Radio Manchester, Manchester Radio Online, FAB radio, BBC Radio Lancashire and Tameside Radio, to name but a few. 
The band continued gigging regularly until  John developed a chronic back condition which required major surgery in 2014 and live performances were curtailed as a result. There were plans to record another album but fate dealt John Done and his doting family a crushing blow in 2016.
Having felt unwell for a while, John was diagnosed with liver cancer in the May of this year and tragically passed away in September 2016.
It is difficult to sum up in words just how devastating an impact this tragic loss had on his nearest and dearest, his family, close friends and  many admirers on the local music scene, but the packed church in Old Glossop, as he was laid to rest, was testimony to a life well lived and loved dearly.
How could life without John ever be the same again?
After much soul searching and deliberation, the band decided to carry on, all unanimous in agreement that it was what John would have wanted. 
They recruited  Gary Hulston, a  guitarist who had played with both Brian and John in their previous band, Yootha Joyce.
The boys have gone from strength to strength over the last year and are in a good place, artistically, creatively and musically, with recent gigs proving a huge success.
There is another album on the horizon, exciting plans are being made and the future is rosy for roomthirteen, who are unashamedly, and by their own admission, a pop band. 
Come along on April 27th and make your own mind up.  
Support from Last Race Home
Doors 8:30pm