The Pearl Divers & Deadlights Saturday 28th April

Pearl Divers is a 6 piece band from Salford, Manchester. We play a fairly diverse mix of music combining male and female lead vocals. The principle writer Carl Lingard, writes in many kinds of styles, from Indie, Pop/Jazz, Latin, football anthems, to Bond themes. Strong melodies and interesting harmonies always feature. The music drives the band. We don't market oursleves as anything other than a band led which way by the creative inspirations. We dive for pearls, and one never quite knows what we'll come back with.
This is the second generation of the band. The first one began back in 2010 and was awarded best new band by Salford City Radio. This second line up promises to be every bit as good. The band have been together about 12 months and are just beginning to emerge from rehearsals and start gigging.